Individual visitors

During opening hours, visitors can visit the memorial individually without prior registration. The film “Everyday life at the border” is shown every hour and half hour, which tells the story of the divided village of Mödlareuth (duration: approx. 20 minutes, languages: German, English or French).


Please use the museum's designated parking areas and visitor paths.

The memorial's outdoor area can be individually accessed using the visitor guidance system and bilingual information boards (German and English). It shows the specific division situation in Mödlareuth with the original concrete barrier wall, which has been preserved over a length of around 100 meters, and a reconstruction of the structure and grading of the GDR border regime (as of 1988) is also shown. Outside the open-air area there are other traces of German division, such as a road barrier on the Bavarian side of Mödlareuth, the excavations of the Lower Mill that was demolished in the course of the GDR forced deportations, or the GDR border fortifications that were common outside of town and of which more than 500 meters have been preserved.

In the museum building, the permanent exhibition “Wall, Fence and Barbed Wire” offers the opportunity to further deepen the history of the divided village of Mödlareuth in the form of photos, documents, exhibits, eyewitness reports and explanatory texts.

The special exhibition “Limited Mobility” presents, with explanatory photo-text banners, around 30 vehicles from the western and eastern border surveillance bodies that were deployed in the Mödlareuth area during the time of German division.

Additional special exhibitions about various aspects of the German division round off the visitor offerings.


Note for dog owners: Dogs on a leash are allowed in all of the museum areas.