Guided tours

Prices apply per person, for bus driver and tour guide the tour is free of charge. We recommend early registration, at least 2 weeks ahead.

Please call and notify us in case of a changed arrival time.

If the arrival time is delayed more than 30 minutes, it might not be possible to carry out the booked tour as planned due to organizational and personnel reasons. We appreciate your understanding.

If your arrival time changes, please let us know by phone. We ask for your understanding that in the case of a delay of more than 30 minutes, a booked tour cannot always be guaranteed for personnel and organizational reasons.

Für Schüler-, Jugend- und Erwachsenengruppen bieten wir zudem weitere pädagogische Angebote at.


Duration: 90 minutes: introduction, film presentation and outdoor area

bis 10 Personen:30,00 € pauschal
ab 11 Personen:4,00 € / Person
Schülergruppen:2,00 € / Schüler