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Cooperation and partnerships

Below we give you an overview of the cooperation partners and of the networks of the museum.


EU- Cultural Heritage Seal Network Iron Curtain

The second half of the 20th century was marked by the struggle of two societal systems. The contrast between capitalism and communism materialized in the form of the „Iron Curtain“ which ran through the middle of Germany and Europe.

Today, about three decades after the end of the cold war, only few places convey the picture of the political, economical and above all, military separation line which once existed. Especially younger generations can barely grasp the phenomenon of that time in which the threat of a confrontation constantly carried the risk of a nuclear inferno which could have destroyed large portions of our planet.

The network places and sites of the Iron Curtain connects sites and places which embody aspects of the opposing systems in an exemplary way. They have committed themselves to convey that former threat, but also show the overcoming of it, to future generations.

Consortium for history in Thuringia

What value has democracy? Is freedom a privilege or a burden? What is the benefit of historical reappraisal? Can we say today what we really think? Was everything better in the past? And: What actually was the GDR (DDR)? And how much history do I carry within myself?

If one decides to take a conscious look at its history 30 years after the end of the GDR, he or she will be confronted with these and more questions. The exploration and reappraisal of the GDR is happening in many places in Thuringia through numerous people and institutions. The consortium for history was founded in 2009 in order to promote and support and to better connect the multiple players in their efforts. The homepage of the consortium gives an overview over this „learning landscape of Thuringia“. You can find places of remembrance, memorial sites, information centers and contacts in your area. The combined calendar informs you about current and planned events. We wish you an interesting fact-finding tour in the reappraisal landscape of Thuringia and look forward to welcome you in one of our institutions.

Welchen Wert hat Demokratie? Ist Freiheit ein Privileg oder eine Bürde? Was nützt die Aufarbeitung von Geschichte? Darf man heute sagen, was man wirklich denkt? War früher alles besser? Und: Was war eigentlich die DDR? Und wieviel Geschichte trage ich in mir? Mit diesen und noch weiteren Fragen wird konfrontiert, wer sich 30 Jahre nach dem Ende der DDR mit ihrer Geschichte auseinandersetzt. Die Erforschung und Aufarbeitung der DDR findet in Thüringen an vielen Orten und durch viele Menschen und Institutionen statt. Im Jahre 2009 gründete sich der Geschichtsverbund Thüringen, um diese Akteur*innen in ihrer Zusammenarbeit zu bestärken und besser zu vernetzen. Über diese »Lernlandschaft Thüringen« vermittelt die Homepage des Verbunds einen Überblick. Sie können in Ihrer Umgebung Erinnerungsorte, Gedenkstätten, Beratungsstellen und Ansprechpartner*innen finden und kontaktieren. Der gemeinsame Kalender informiert Sie über aktuelle und zukünftige Veranstaltungen.

Cooperation partners

  • Academy for teacher training and personnel management Dillingen
  • Bavarian State Center for Political Education
  • Bavarian main state archive
  • Federal Archives
  • Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship
  • Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Saxony?
  • DMZ Museum South Korea
  • Euregion Egrensis
  • Evangelical Academy in Tutzing
  • Fernweh-Park, Oberkotzau
  • Research association SED state, FU Berlin
  • State office for non-governmental museums in Bavaria
  • State Center for Political Education Thuringia
  • Bavarian Vogtland Hof Museum
  • Museum for the history of tanning and the town of Hirschberg
  • Thuringia Museum Association
  • Upper Franconia Foundation
  • Q3 Quarter for Media.Education.Adventure, Office Thuringia
  • Saxon State Office for Museums
  • State Education Authority East Thuringia
  • State archives Greiz and Rudolstadt
  • City archives in Hof/Saale, Schleiz and Bad Lobenstein
  • Thuringia Nature Conservation Foundation
  • Thuringian institute for teacher training, curriculum development and media
  • Universitäten – Universität Eichstätt/ Universität Tübingen
  • Association German-German Museum Mödlareuth eV
  • Vogtland 89 registered association

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