About the museum

The Museum Mödlareuth

The museum of Mödlareuth is meant to be a project about the history of the division of Germany. After the foundation of the museum in 1990 it was soon clear that it was necessary to break down the entire „Museum Mödlareuth“ project into manageable and feasible units by taking into consideration financial and temporal issues. The individual units are now coordinated components leading to the entire final project.

Accordingly, when the construction of the open-air site took place from 1991- 1994, a kind of 
“museum infrastructure“ was established at the same time with administration, archive, library and a depot. The existing depot area was expanded during the time of 1997 /1998 by building a new vehicle depot.

In the years 1999 to 2003 numerous renovations and restructuring works were carried out.

As a result, a film auditorium, a room for special exhibitions, an information desk and a museum shop have been created.